Where to Find Cheap Skip Hire in Dublin

If you are looking for a fast and cheap skip delivery and collection service around the Dublin City area you have come to the right website. Our business goal is to deliver you a hassle free waste removal experience so you can actually concentrate on doing whatever it is you are doing.

Our skip hire Dublin service is available to both commercial and domestic clients without any limitations. Over the years we have provided our services to dozens of construction and renovation companies as well as small domestic clients. We are perfectly aware of the typical challenges you can may run into when hiring a skip, therefore we will always be open to offering help and guidance.

As you may already know there are a few options you have as a customer when hiring a skip service, and those options are your skip size and cost. If you are not sure about what size of a skip you need it may be a good idea for you to get in touch with us and discuss your needs and expectations. This is of course free of charge and commitment for you, purely to make sure you are looking into the right option for you.


Skip Sizes

When it comes to skip sizes, most of the time your needs will be filled by one of the 6 options that we offer here at “skip-hire-dublin.ie”. Obviously the smaller the skip the less it will cost however, the bigger the skip the better the value we can offer to you for obvious logistical expense reasons.

Here at “skip-hire-dublin.ie” we can offer you almost any skip size available in the industry and deliver it to your site on a prompt basis. Starting at size small which suits perfectly for domestic gardening needs or a small general house clearing. Moving up to a “midi size” which is twice the size of the small option and is mostly suitable for DIY, house clear outs and perhaps small renovation waste removal. Sizes move up all the way to 14-20 yard size skips which are ideal for bigger construction and bulkier waste removal.

You should be made aware that not all skips are from the same manufacturer or colour but obviously this would not effect your service quality whatsoever. All skips provided by us are guaranteed to serve their purpose perfectly as intended.

Skip Delivery & Placement

We are well aware that it is not always as easy as dropping off the skip on an even surface with no interference. Most of the time they have to be placed in odd and awkward places with difficult access, that is why it is definitely a good idea for you to get in touch with us to discuss the space available and sizes of the skips we offer. Most of the time a good solution is available for most cases. That is why we offer a delivery service with trucks that operate with special equipped “hands” that can help us place the skip over a fence or most common obstruction we would find. 

For more information on sizes offered and the mot common use of particular sizes please see the section below.

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